2020 3rd International Conference on Bioengineering and Bioinformatics
Jian Yang

Jian Yang


Prof.Jian Yang

Faculty of Intelligent Manufacturing, Wuyi University

Reaeach area :

Elastomers and Biomechanics, Flexible Electronics and Microfabrication

Speech title:

Photocured biodegradable elastomers and flexible microarchitectural devices for minimally invasive diagnosis


Minimally invasive therapy has always been considered as an important and desired strategy in biomedical and clinical research such as drug delivery, tissue engineering and medical devices. With the rapid advancement and innovation of flexible and stretchable electronics, various biodegradable polymers or biomaterials have been applied in the fabrication of flexible, wearable, even implantable devices such as transistors, sensors and actuators for biomedical applications to detect biological signals and diagnose diseases. In this report, photocured biodegradable elastomers were introduced to fabricate various flexible microarchitectural devices with mechanical compliance, this kind of oligomers or polymers can be chemically designed and fabricated via photolithographic techniques for minimally invasive diagnosis, which could be integrated into flexible electronic or microfluidic devices such as wearable contact lens for tear storage and diagnostics. The desired properties and biomaterials innovation might overcome the challenges in the flexible electronics for biomedical applications.


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